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  1. 5 Irish Pub Paintings That Capture Irish Charm

    paintings of buildings

    Few places on earth offer the lively atmosphere of an Irish pub. The character of an Irish pub is recreated in Irish bars all over the world and are instantly recognisable from the big heavy wooden bar to the cosy “snugs” for those who want a quiet corner to sup their pints to the mismatching Irish artefacts relating to Irish places, favourite stout or whiskey brands and gaelic sports teams placed here, there and everywhere.

    Of course the Irish pub atmosphere is so much more than the physical appearance, it’s all about the Irish charm. Few cultures around the world socialise so fluidly, when you visit an Irish pub prepare to talk to anyone and prepare to talk to everyone. Famous for playing traditional music that invites you to be pulled onto the dancefloor at any moment. It’s a hub of story-telling and of laughter and singing.

    That’s why Irish pub art is to be found all around the world in memory

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  2. Waterford Glassware Gift Guide For Every Occasion

    whiskey glass

    Waterford Crystal  is one of Ireland’s most well loved brands known for its exquisite glassware designs and unparalleled craftsmanship. It has been the beating heart of Irish crystal for over 200 years with skills passed on from generation to generation.Waterford Crystal features in all the grandest establishments from Westminster Abbey in London to the Kennedy Centre in Washington. It has been the esteemed choice for trophies at the Grand Prix Formula One and the Tennis Master Series.

    Is it any wonder then that Waterford Crystal is a favourite choice for gifts for life’s most special occasions, both at home in Ireland and all around the world. 

    At Kilkenny Design

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  3. Bring The Irish Feel To Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table Setting

    dining table in green room

    Chances are high that you or your in-laws have Irish heritage in your blood that you love to celebrate especially at Thanksgiving. While a visit to the old country to take in the Wild Atlantic Coast and lively atmosphere of Dublin City is the ideal way to honour your Irish connection, it’s not always possible to take the transatlantic flight. Instead, bringing an authentic Irish touch to your Thanksgiving family dinner table setting is the next best thing.

    Here are some favourite Irish dinner table setting pieces that you will adore.

    Irish Cutlery

    Every Irish home sports a cutlery set from a leading Irish silverware brand. These cutlery sets are made to last a lifetime and traditionally passed on from one generation to the next. They also make wonderful wedding gifts. Favourite brands include

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  4. 5 Stunning Patterns To Adore From Orla Kiely USA

    woman with pink floral handbag

    All hail the “Queen of Print”, Irish born designer Orla Kiely. Every season Orla Kiely enamours fans with bold patterns combined with bright colours in her signature mid-century retro style where floral motifs abound. Favourite designs don’t take long to sell out as pattern lovers all over the world snap up the eye-catching design.

    As one of the much loved designer’s exclusive stockists, Kilkenny Design are delighted to offer the latest summer collection to our Orla Kiely USA customers.

    This year, bright colours and floral patterns have become the biggest fashion trend of the summer. It’s the perfect time for

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  5. Mucros Hats & The Peaky Blinders Cap Craze

    Man wearing flat cap

    Why the hype for the Peaky Blinders Cap?

    The Peaky Blinders cap craze took hold in mens fashion after the wildly popular TV show depicting the rise to power of the fictional gangster boss Tommy Shelby aired on our screens in 2013. Starring Irish actor Cillian Murphy, the show is set in Birmingham in the UK. However, the show’s ruthless mob boss is of Irish heritage and there is a strong presence of Irish characters throughout the series.

    It’s no wonder then that the Irish flat cap became the signature style for the show’s prolific character but what did surprise many including the show’s own stylist, is how popular it became in wider culture. From the distinguished skin fade haircut to the brown boots to the tweed flat cap, suddenly the 1920s gangster style was fervently in vogue. Men’s style icon former England footballer David Beckham even borrowed from the trend in launching a special Peaky Bli

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  6. The Authentic Irish Wool Blanket from McNutt Donegal

    wool blankets

    McNutt of Donegal is an Irish woollen mill located in a small village in one of the most northern points of Ireland overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean. There the McNutt family have been producing Irish wool blankets, scarves, cushions and other homewares since 1953.


    The history of woollen mills in Ireland is full of twists and turns like everything else in Irish history. It was once a thriving industry in the 1600s with an enormous international demand, although suffering set-backs from competition with England, it remained an important source of employment across Ireland until the modern era of sewing machines and synthetic fabrics in the twentieth century.


    The story of McNutt starts in the middle of this upheaval in the 1950s when handwoven tweed was in demand. The family business moved their attention to linen into the 1990s which became a big fashion house favourite. Today they have come full circle to weaving once again. Modern customers understand the quality of wool and the exceptional craftsmanship of a long-standing Irish weaver such as McNutt of Donegal.


    Now run by William McNutt whose father founded the business, McNutt of Donegal is well loved in Ireland and abroad for maintaining traditional Irish quality and designs. 


    An authentic Irish wool blanket is a beautiful addition to the modern home and even more special when given as a gift especially the baby blanket collection. It’s a physical token of Irish heritage made from luxurious alpaca or lambswool to snuggle up with on cold winter evening or use as a picnic blanket during the summer.


    Here are some of our favourite Irish wool blankets from McNutt o

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  7. The Ultimate Lambs Wool Scarf From Irish Woolen Mills

    woman wearing wool scarf

    It’s not often you see a scarf with 130 years of history going into its making but when you choose a lambs wool scarf from Ireland’s Foxford Woollen Mills, that’s exactly what you will get.

    Foxford’s scarves are made to last with over a century’s worth of craft and heritage woven into each and every piece. Since 1892, the Irish woolen mill nestled in the small peaceful town of Foxford in the West of Ireland has been producing beautifully crafted woven scarves, blankets and other textiles. It was founded by a nun named Mother Agnes who felt compassion for the local community that were living in poverty and unemployment in the area at the time. 

    In an unusual move for a conservative time in history, she joined forces with an influential Protestan

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  8. Why Irish Aran Sweaters Are Loved In The USA

    man and woman in woolen sweaters

    Virtually nobody returns home to US soil without an Aran sweater after a visit to the Emerald Isle. It is the quintessential token of Irish fashion that has stood the test of time. Although the Aran sweater originated in the 1930s, it is still well loved today owing to its timeless design and superior quality. In fact, it’s not just Americans who adore the Aran sweater. The unique sweater has been also worn by some of history’s most noteworthy fashion icons from Marlyn Monroe to Grace Kelly to Alexa Chung.

    So what exactly makes this sweater so unique and favoured both in the US and all around the world?


    Here are the top reasons why Irish Aran Sweaters are loved in the USA.


    Irish Heritage

    Aran sweaters are named after the islands where they originated, the beautiful Aran Islands off the famous West Coast of Ireland. Fis

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  9. The Light Rain Jacket You Are Going To Love

    orange rain jacket

    Think Ireland is the only place that it rains constantly? Think again! Because the Basque country straddling Northern Spain and France is famous for its rainfall too. On average the annual rainfall in Ireland is 1200mm and the Basque region isn’t far behind with 1000mm.

    That’s why we can trust the makers of these stylish light rain jackets from the Basque region to create something that truly understands the Irish climate as well as offering the beautiful minimalist design that Tantä brings.

    The 100% rainproof jackets from Tantä Rainwear

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  10. Charm Bracelets & Hoop Earrings: Top Picks from Pilgrim Jewellery

    red haired woman with jewellery

    This year fashion is all about fun. After two years of restricted circumstances, life is all about living again. The clothing scene is bursting with colours and florals and now jewellery is all about adding extra expression too.

    Pilgrim began as a jewellery stall at music festivals and grew into an internationally loved brand. Its designs are rooted in creativity, spontaneity and authenticity making it the perfect jewellery to wear this summer as you take advantage of all that life has to offer.

    Here are our favourite selections from Pilgrim Jewellery to accessorise with this summer.

    Pilgrim Charm Bracelets

    Nothing could be more charming! Channel those youthful vibes with a charm

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