Waterford Shamrock Hand Cooler

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Description:Â Founded by William and George Penrose, Waterford was established in the heart of the Irish harbour town of Waterford in 1783. Today, Waterford is known worldwide for creating crystal and glass drinkware, crystal gifts and home accessories of unsurpassed beauty and quality. This Waterford Crystal piece makes a perfect gift to give or receive. The hand cooler is a quintessentially Victorian creation - a solid stone or crystal used to 'cool' the hand, to ensure ones handshake was always dry and unclammy. Today, there's less use for the hand cooler as it was intended, but it still makes a beautiful paperweight.

Height: 9 cm (3.5inches)
Length: 12.5 cm (5inches)Â
Width: 12.5 cm (5inches)
Additional Information:Â Please hand wash only

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