Shanore Sterling Silver Claddagh Emerald Green Stone Ring

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Description: The stunning green emerald sits inside a delicate heart held by hands and adorned with a magnificent crown. The traditional Claddagh design meets the excitement of a birthstone in a classy, refined but fun way. The delicately designed hands exalt any of Shanore’s 12 birthstone choices.

The Claddagh symbol represents love, loyalty and friendship. While the supporting hands bring friendship to a piece of art, the shimmering Emerald Stone of May sits inside the symbol for love-the heart. Crowning the two virtues in a clever and simple design is loyalty. For a reminder of your love, loyalty, and friendship, this birthday ring is an excellent gift. Each jewelry piece by Shanore is elegantly hand-made by artisan creators. Every edge and color of this May birthstone Claddagh ring exhibits extreme attention and care. The emerald centered at the rings heart symbolizes rebirth.

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