Ground Talamh Balancing CBD Balm

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Description: A natural way to balance hormonal fluctuations and manage symptoms associated with PMS and menopause. This infusion of therapeutic grade essential oils has been blended with Hemp seed oil and full-spectrum CBD to help restore balance and harmony. Used for centuries as a herbal remedy, CBD works with the body's signalling system and receptors to maintain physiological, emotional and cognitive stability. During shifts in hormones, our receptors are out of balance, impacting things like mood, temperature regulation, immune function appetite and digestion. 

Combined with St John’s Wort to aid the body’s ability to soothe and heal and Ylang Ylang to reduce anxiety. When to use Massage on pulse points twice a day. Consistent use helps to build up a long-term wellbeing effect in the body.

Gently massage onto the neck, chest and face at night making sure to breathe deeply. 

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