Declan Killen Children Of Lir Pendant

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Description: Once upon a time there lived a King named Lir. He lived in Ireland with his wife and four children. They all lived in beautiful castle in the middle of a forest. When Lir’s wife died he married again and his new wife was very jealous of Lir’s children and one day cast a spell over the children turning them instantly into four swans. They were to remain as swans for 900 years until a Christian bell heralds a new age and then the children would be released from their spell. One day they heard the sound of a church bell and seeing a monk on the shoreline they told him their story. The monk blessed the four swans and they once again turned back into a beautiful young girl and three young handsome men.

Chain Length: 18 inches
Size: 2.5cm H2.5cm
Additional Information: Made in Ireland

Declan Killen Children Of Lir Pendant
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