When you look for gifts with meaning, Irish craft and design have a lot to offer as so many of our brands offer a long local history and are inspired by the rich culture of the Emerald Isle. Belleek Pottery stands out as a favorite for many fans of Irish heritage and tradition having such a long-standing reputation as one of Ireland’s most prized homeware exports. You will find Belleek pieces in most homes across the island with many coming from grandparents or great grandparents and the iconic brand still remains attractive today too. Here are some of the reasons why Belleek Pottery is an Irish favorite.


160 Years of Irish Craftsmanship


Established in Co. Fermanagh in 1957, Belleek pottery has been famous around the world for over a century particularly for its high-quality porcelain pottery. Their trademark logo on the base of all pieces points to this long-standing history on the grounds of the Caldwell estate and manor as it includes the Irish wolfhound, round tower, and harp over a base of shamrocks.

Check out some of these Belleek Pottery pieces that are influenced by this proud Irish heritage.

Excellent Review Rating on Trustpilot

Don’t just take our word for it, the people love Belleek pottery too. Worldwide review website Trustpilot has over 400 customer reviews for Belleek with a whopping 4.5 out of 5-star rating. Some of the customers even share accounts of family heirloom pieces from Belleek such as one review reminiscing that

“My mother [a Fermanagh lady] received a lovely Belleek China Teapot as a wedding present in 1934 I inherited the Teapot which I gave to my granddaughter as a special extra gift when she got married in 2018.”

Try a beautifully Irish teapot from Belleek for your family to enjoy, possibly for generations to come too!

Classic to Contemporary Styles


Proud of its heritage pieces as Belleek might be, the brand has also expanded its design talent to meet modern-day tastes. The best bit is that Belleek is still made in the same small town in Fermanagh, created using kilns and their work is all hand-painted. So no matter which style you prefer, all pieces are steeped in Irish culture.

Take a look at some of these more modern Belleek pottery selections.

The Full Range

In addition to the pottery pieces, the Belleek range includes many different products across an array of lifestyle needs. Regardless of what you are looking for, the skills and craft that have been passed along for generations at their base in Fermanagh will bring something extra special to your home.

Here are some top selections from their various collections.


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