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Waterford Crystal  is one of Ireland’s most well loved brands known for its exquisite glassware designs and unparalleled craftsmanship. It has been the beating heart of Irish crystal for over 200 years with skills passed on from generation to generation.Waterford Crystal features in all the grandest establishments from Westminster Abbey in London to the Kennedy Centre in Washington. It has been the esteemed choice for trophies at the Grand Prix Formula One and the Tennis Master Series.

Is it any wonder then that Waterford Crystal is a favourite choice for gifts for life’s most special occasions, both at home in Ireland and all around the world. 

At Kilkenny Design, we offer all of the most sought after Waterford Crystal collections and we have been advising customers on gift selection for over 50 years. We know exactly which gift will bring a smile to your loved one’s lips and become part of the heart of their home for years to come.

Here is our gift guide to Waterford glassware for every occasion. 

Engagement Gifts

Toast to the loved up couple who are getting married with a pair of Waterford Crystal Champagne Flutes. We have a range of price options to suit your budget as well as a matching crystal ice bucket.

Wedding Gifts

Waterford Crystal is a classic gift to give for a special wedding especially that of a close family member. Gifting a set of glassware from Waterford is a beautiful way to wish your loved ones a long and happy life together filled with many occasions to celebrate.

Anniversary Gifts

Cherish a special milestone in life’s journey with a Waterford Crystal vase, perfect for an anniversary gift. Choose from the beautiful to the spectacular to honour the years of marriage.


Gifting glassware for your loved one’s favourite drink is such a thoughtful and memorable birthday gift especially for an important birthday. Choose the perfect glass or a gorgeous accompaniment such as a whiskey decanter or a cocktail mixer.

Gifts for Family Gatherings

Whether it’s Christmas, Easter or a family reunion, gift your hosts a stunning piece of Waterford Crystal. Our family favourite gifts are Waterford Crystal wine glass or Waterford Crystal bowls.

New Born Baby Gift

Welcome a new little human into your loved one’s world with a gorgeous picture frame from Waterford Crystal where precious memories can be held forever.

Irish Heritage Gift

Whether you are sending gifts to Irish family members or commemorating St. Patrick’s Day, Waterford Crystal have unique glassware gifts that will be part of the family for generations to come.