Womens coatigan in pink

Cardigans and lightweight jumpers have returned to fashion and we’re very happy to see them. Afterall, they solve the age old conundrum of what to wear when the Irish weather threatens to change at any given moment. Cardis are great for layering, you can pop one on if it gets cool and the lightweight materials make them easy to carry around in your tote when you don’t need them. They’re also perfect for in between weather when it’s not quite warm enough to bear your skin. Lightweight jumpers are super versatile too, they can be worn to the office, to family gatherings or even to a nice restaurant when worn tastefully.

The one thing you do not want to do when embracing the cardi/jumper trend is to end up looking old fashioned or frumpy. Find your favourite way to wear the trend that makes you look and feel good.

Here are all the best ways to style lightweight jumpers and cardigans.

Tucked into jeans

Choose a comfy look with a cosy little jumper tucked into some straight-leg jeans. Glam it up with a pair of heels and brightly coloured crossbody bag or stay casual and slip on some loafers to meet your friend for a coffee.

Falling off your shoulders

The classic cardi had its biggest hey day in the 90s when it was sported on the red carpet by all the biggest names from Salma Heyek to Drew Barrymore. The 90s revival seen over the past two years has brought back the humble cardigan that oh so practically and prettily accompanies a slinky summer dress for those days of sunshine - just like the celebs used to wear it in the 90s.

Cashmere class

Look as classy as they come with a cashmere jumper or cardigan. Wear it with jeans or leggings, either way it will look stunningly simple and still feel luxurious and comfortable.

Stripe it out

Stripes are all in this spring/summer but not in the nautical way we are used to seeing them. This year it’s about stripes in unexpected places like on the sleeve or paired with bright and bold colours to create a contrast.

The coatigan

It might be an exaggeration to say that the coatigan is one of the best fashion inventions EVER but it’s pretty high up there nonetheless. The name speaks for itself as the outcome of mixing coats with cardigans and it is embraced whole-heartedly due to its versatility - both when it comes to changing temperatures and changing needs between casual and dressy. It has become a must-have investment.

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