valentines day heart

Valentine’s Day is a day to stop still for a moment and appreciate your romantic partner. It’s a guaranteed date night to spend some quality time together and reflect on what you love about your S.O. Use Valentine’s as an opportunity to do something a little different that you will both enjoy where you can sprinkle a few surprises to show them you care. Here are our favourite ideas for ways to spend Valentine’s Day this year.

  • Bake Something Sweet

Nothing tastes better than something that is made with love. Surprise your loved one with a delicious treat or test your teamwork skills by baking together. Whip up your favourite treat or try your hand at baking something new and tasty like Portuguese Custard Tarts or Raspberry Scones. Serve it up on Nicholas Mosse Heart Plate Old Rose or Tipperary Crystal Birdy Cake Stand.

  • Play Games

Engage your competitive instincts together with a good old-fashioned games night. We’ve got great two-player games like Dominos, Chess or Texas Hold'Em Poker.

  • Go For A Hike

Get some fresh air together and bond with an endurance test against your chosen terrain. Be prepared for February’s cold weather conditions by layering up your activewear with Regatta’s outdoor collection, ideal for giving some hike themed gifts and staying warm and dry on your hike.

  • Wine & Cheese Night

This is always a winner and the perfect alternative to a more expensive night at a restaurant. Simply pick up a bottle of your favourite wine which you can make extra special in beautiful wine glasses from Waterford Crystal. Lay out a selection of cheese, crackers, grapes and nuts on a gorgeous cheese board from Caulfield Country Boards. It’s the ideal romantic night in.

  • Garden Picnic

Welcome your partner home with a surprise garden picnic under the stars. Order in some snacks or cook up something nice and pack it up in a rustic basket. Choose a sheltered area with the best view of the night sky and add some candles or fairy lights for a magical romantic feel. You can expect cool temperatures so wrap up warm in cosy blankets.

  • Breakfast in Bed

Who doesn’t love having breakfast served up to them? It’s a Valentine’s treat that will never disappoint. Pour up tea or coffee in a special matching set and put together a tray of morning delights.

  • Eat Out

Hit the town for a fancy meal and a few drinks to celebrate Valentine’s in style. Glam up with a new handbag or jewellery for her and a new shirt for him.

  • Make Cocktails Together

Have a little fun together by learning to make cocktails. Grab a cocktail recipe book, get your drinks and mixers and ensure you have the appropriate glassware for a night of fun and cocktail experimenting.

  • Spa Night

Treat yourselves to an evening of relaxation and unwinding. Choose a selection of men’s and women’s products from luxury seaweed skincare brand Voya used in professional spas across the world. Play some relaxing music and of course don’t forget to run a bubble bath!

Whatever way you spend Valentine’s Day, have a beautiful time with your loved one. Happy Valentine’s from Kilkenny Design


Main image by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash