Graham Knuttel Irish Artist

Art to Remember - Graham Knuttel Irish Artist

Kilkenny Design are immensely proud to welcome Graham Knuttel art to our collection of well known and well loved Irish artists. Graham Knuttel art is instantly recognisable and highly sought after appearing among the collections of the rich and famous such as Robert DeNiro and Sylvester Stallone. Graham first forged a place for himself on the international stage as a sculptor and then returned to his first love which was painting. Inspired by the study of Cezanne and Picasso, Graham Knuttel paintings are representational art and are characterised by the striking sly expression of its subjects and the wicked sense of humour and tension immediately apparent in all of his work. With pieces simply titled ‘Three’s A Crowd’, the visual is anything but simple. Featuring three men in a pub with shifty demeanours evoking the imagination on what they might potentially be up to.

Graham Knuttel himself provides an interesting Irish character that goes hand in hand with his artist reputation. Born in Dublin in 1954, Graham’s parents left Germany after the first World War and they moved to England where his father served with the R.A.F to eventually move to Ireland seven years before Graham was born. His father was an eccentric character and his father’s mother left a lasting impression on his work as he is often quoted as describing a nightmarish encounter with her where she locked him in a wardrobe where he thought he would meet his end. His regular rendezvous with birds in his work is said to be a representation of his grandmother whose hooked nose and cackling laughter is reimagined in his paintings such as Birds Of Paradise.

Adding Graham Knuttel’s deeply interesting work is a moment of great success for Kilkenny Design buyer Laura Pasquetti who is responsible for bringing it to the collection. Speaking of the new addition Laura says, “Graham Knuttel’s art is really something special in our collection of Irish art, he is one of the most well known artists of our time and can be found in top class public and private collections around the world. For our customers to be able to own their own slice of such world renowned art and to even give it to others as a gift will really be a memorable moment for many people.”

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Graham Knuttel Framed Print - Full Cat Moon (63Cm X 63Cm)

Graham Knuttel Framed Print - Fishy Rum (63Cm X 63Cm)

Graham Knuttel Framed Print - The King's Tea Party (63Cm X 63Cm)

Graham Knuttel Framed Print - The Terrace (63Cm X 63Cm)

Graham Knuttel Framed Print - Cat (63Cm X 63Cm)