celebrating 4th of July

Photo by Alondra Olivas on Unsplash

The 4th of July brings the best celebrations and get-togethers of the summer. If you are lucky enough to be attending a 4th of July party, you’re getting all of the fun without any of the responsibility of hosting! Your only duty is to enjoy yourself and bring a gift to thank your wonderful host for all their efforts.

Here are our top gift ideas to bring to a 4th of July party and the best thing about them is that they are all Irish brands making it perfect for the host who loves Ireland!

  • Cheese board

Be the best guest this year with a delicious cheese board. It’s so simple but so effective. Just pick up a couple bottles of wine, a selection of cheese and bring it all together with a Ballyshane cheese board made from sustainable Irish hardwoods.

  • Candles and Diffusers

Your host will delight in some special fragrances from Celtic Candles perfect for creating a homely atmosphere and making happy memories together.

  • Pottery

Pottery makes for a long-lasting gift to give on a special occasion and all Irish pottery comes with a unique story. Your hosts would be enthralled to learn their gift from Belleek Pottery comes from a history of 160 years of pottery making or the cookie jar from Nicholas Mosse showcases a pattern that is so timeless it has remained the same for 25 years.

  • Throw

One of our favourite gift ideas for the 4th of July is a quality Irish throw blanket. It’s perfect for picnic parties or wrapping around legs later in the evening when things get cooler. Your host will adore it and get use out of it for years to come.

  • Crystal Bowl

What better way to gift candy to your host on the 4th of July than in a beautiful bowl made from Irish crystal.

  • Glassware

Say cheers to your host with an all American beer in an all Irish beer glass. Or even better, if you know that your host enjoys an Irish whiskey give them the chance to enjoy it in an Irish whiskey glass and decanter.

  • Plant Pots

For your jungle loving friend who decorates their world with plants, bring a plant pot and they will love you forever. Orla Kiely planters are the most colourful, vibrant plant pots around and will help bring happiness into your host’s home.

  • Soap

Treat your host to a superior selection of soap from one of the many favourite Irish brands at Kilkenny Design such as The Handmade Soap Company, Baressentials soap gift set or new Irish brand Pure Oskar.

Check out Kilkenny Design for more great Irish gift ideas.