Art deco interior armcahirs and side table

If you have ever wanted to go a little glam with your home interiors, Irish furniture brand Mindy Browne Interiors offer a stunning collection of art deco inspired furniture that will catch your attention, as well as the attention of your guests!

Art Deco originated in the 1920s and has come full circle to be back in vogue in the 2020s. Distinguished by geometric features and rich textures, art deco furniture and home accessories are all about splendour, elegance and modern expression.

Here are the vital components of creating an art deco home with furniture from Mindy Brownes Interiors.


Set the scene in your art deco home with Mindy Browne lamps. These lamps are so perfect for this design trend due to their opulent colours such as gold and bronze and vibrant features such as exotic creatures or unusual shapes.


Inspired by an era when tradition and convention were cast aside for all that was bold and daring, art deco mirrors are anything but ordinary. Check out these Mindy Browne mirrors featuring symmetrical patterns, bevelled edges and the use of the very best materials.

Tables & Chairs

You will often find bright and luxurious fabrics as part of the furniture collection of an art deco home. That’s why we adore these blush pinks and vibrant teals to go along with bronze and gold side tables.

Bar Cart

Central to a 1920s art deco home was the element of entertaining and hosting dinner parties. That meant that even functional items maintained a calibre of extravagance to impress guests. Customers absolutely love Mindy Browne’s drinks trolley, perfect for displaying a collection of your best drinks selection, glassware, whiskey decanters and cocktail shaker.

Make it even more extra by serving up in style with the stunning array of serving trays.

Wall Decor

With a design style that is all about investment pieces, what you choose to hang from your wall is an important feature of solidifying the art deco theme in your home. Choose framed artwork that mirrors the bold luxury of your furnishings and clocks that ooze spectacularity.

Finishing Touches

Collecting exotic creatures was often a statement of affluence in the 1920s but in 2020 this has translated into a bold and vibrant design feature. Mindy Browne’s collection of vases and ornaments often feature wild animals such as zebras, monkeys, parrots and elephants - perfect for the finishing touch.