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  1. Five Fun Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

    st patricks day celebration

    Photo by Angèle Kamp on Unsplash

    St. Patrick’s Day is the Irish version of the 4th of July and has its own interesting story. St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland who is credited as having brought Christianity to Ireland. The story goes that St. Patrick drove all the snakes out the island too. The association with shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day comes from St. Patrick using the three leaves to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan natives who went on to embrace Christianity thanks to their patron saint.

    The day has gotten so huge that it is celebrated all around the world. So whether you are attending a lavish parade on the 17th of March or planning a get together with your Irish friends or fans of Ireland, here’s five fun ideas to hel

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  2. Here’s How To Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day

    spa night valentines

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    In a busy world there can sometimes be nothing more enjoyable than stopping still long enough to have some well deserved “me time”. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to put a date in your diary with yourself. Set your phone to silent and create your own little world for one special evening of self-care.

    white candle Rathbornes

    Create the perfect atmosphere

    Start the evening off by pressing play on whatever music you love to listen to help you relax and feel good. Turn on the heating or light a stove if you really want a cosy vibe. Light your little world up with candles

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  3. Romantic Things To Do This Valentine’s Day

    valentines day heart

    Valentine’s Day is a day to stop still for a moment and appreciate your romantic partner. It’s a guaranteed date night to spend some quality time together and reflect on what you love about your S.O. Use Valentine’s as an opportunity to do something a little different that you will both enjoy where you can sprinkle a few surprises to show them you care. Here are our favourite ideas for ways to spend Valentine’s Day this year.

    • Bake Something Sweet

    Nothing tastes better than something that is made with love. Surprise your loved one with a delicious treat or test your teamwork skills by baking together. Whip up your favourite treat or try your hand at baking something new and tasty like Portuguese Custard Tarts

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  4. Your Guide To The Perfect Morning Skincare Routine

    skincare nunaia

    Morning routines are essential for setting yourself up for the day ahead, for minimising stress when you have somewhere to be or something to do and are great for forming desired habits as let’s face it most of us are on autopilot until we get our morning coffee or smoothie! These are the reasons why perfecting a morning skincare routine will help make you feel good and if you are lucky, your skin may even thank you for it with some radiant results. At night the main focus of skincare is to nourish and repair, while in the morning it’s all about protection. The better your protection, the less repair work your skin may have to do so it’s important to get it right. We have put together a guide on which products to use and what order to use them in to help you create a routine fit for royalty. Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of steps to reach the ultimate morning routine, simply add in steps one by one and take time to enjoy each new product that you fall in love with.

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  5. Tips For A Restful Night’s Sleep

    Jo Browne Sleep Well Gifts

    There is nothing better than a good night’s sleep to set you up for the day ahead. Proper rest is said to help your concentration levels, boost your mood, help keep your heart healthy, restore your energy level and help with muscle repair. Of course we all know the pain of having difficulty getting to sleep and are groaning internally right now at the thought of it. Rather than finding yourself in the situation of a bad night’s sleep, it is better to be proactive with a routine that helps you to relax into a restful slumber. We are currently loving the organic brand based in Co.Carlow called Jo Browne as the perfect accompaniment to achieving a simple, beautiful and natural bedtime routine.


    Here are our top tips for using Jo Browne as part of your nighttime sleep well routine.


    • Start with setting the atmosphere

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  6. How to look after your skin this winter with Skingredients


    Let’s face it, the Irish winter can be somewhat unforgiving when it comes to the weather. We get it all: hail, rain, snow and wind. It can be harsh on your face and hands. Skingredients founder, expert dermal facialist and bestselling author Jennifer Rock, explains that it all comes down to hydration. Cold air doesn’t retain as much moisture as hot air and that’s why skin can feel dry during the winter.

    Skingredients is a range of award-winning, results-driven skincare products. The range is based on the idea that everyone needs to eat certain food groups throughout their life to maintain optimum gut health including antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids - the same can be said for their skin. So Jennifer created this range formulated with ingredi

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  7. Here’s what you need to know about wearing flat caps like the Peaky Blinders


    If you want to wear a flat cap and feel like you’re Thomas Shelby’s long-lost cousin, then here's how to do it in style.

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