Gift Ideas

  1. 12 Unique Retirement Gift Ideas

    crystal vases with flowers

    Retirement is a truly unique milestone in life when all the years of hard work finally pay off and the retiree can start to spend their time following their heart’s desire. It is the end of a major chapter in life and the beginning of another.

    Whether the retiree is a family member, friend or coworker, it can be hard to choose a gift that really fits the occasion and the connection you have with them. To help we have put together a list of retirement gift ideas to match with different personalities, interests and appropriateness depending on how close you are to the retiree.


    Top 12 Retirement Gift Ideas

    • Crystal

    Crystal is the classic gift to give someone w

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  2. Gifts To Bring to a 4th of July Party

    celebrating 4th of July

    Photo by Alondra Olivas on Unsplash

    The 4th of July brings the best celebrations and get-togethers of the summer. If you are lucky enough to be attending a 4th of July party, you’re getting all of the fun without any of the responsibility of hosting! Your only duty is to enjoy yourself and bring a gift to thank your wonderful host for all their efforts.

    Here are our top gift ideas to bring to a 4th of July party and the best thing about them is that they are all Irish brands making it perfect for the host who loves Ireland!

    • Cheese board

    Be the best guest this year with a delicious cheese board. It’s so simple but so effective. Just pick up a couple bottles of wine, a selection of cheese and bring it all together with a

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  3. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with an Authentic Irish Gift

    st patricks day shamrocks

    For one tiny island on the edge of Europe, Ireland has made a huge impact all over the world. The rich culture and history of Ireland is legendary, the landscape is unforgettable and the people have left a lasting mark in hearts all over the world. Irish around the world along with all those with Irish ancestry or those who just have a love for Irish people and culture join in the fun on the 17th of March to celebrate the country’s patron saint, St. Patrick, famous for banishing the snakes from Ireland. St. Patrick’s Day is a day like no other.

    If you are looking for a great gift idea for someone who has a true appreciation for St. Patrick’s Day, Kilkenny Design is an Irish store where you can get a huge range of Irish brands that showc

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  4. Inspire Self-Care With Wellness Gifts


    It’s the thought that counts, as the old saying goes, so what do you gift someone when you want to show them that you care? There are few gifts that say “I care about you” as perfectly as a wellness gift. You are truly encouraging someone to be happy and healthy when you give the gift of wellness.

    The wonderful thing about a wellness gift is that it can come in so many different forms. It can be anything from beauty and skincare to a book of inspirational quotes. It’s not just nice for the recipient of your gift, it’s a nice feeling for you to know that your

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  5. Gifts That Pet Owners Will Love

    dog basket

    There is really no better gift to a pet lover than a pet themed gift! Whether they have just welcomed a new creature into their home or have always been a fan of dogs or cats, there is probably no end to the pet accessories they have for their beloved pets. 

    The choices are endless when it comes to gifts for pet lovers ranging from animal prints on cushions and coasters or you can kit out their pooch in new accessories.

    Check out our collection of gifts for pet lovers below.

    Matching dog collars & leads

    Nothing looks more impressive than a matching dog collar and lead. Choose illustrated prints from

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  6. Solve the Father’s Day Conundrum with These Great Gift Ideas

    Dad gift ideas

    We all feel just a little bit of dread when it comes to Father’s Day gifts. It’s a total mystery as to WHY Dads are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, but it is the reality we are all faced with when special occasions roll around. For Christmas, birthdays and Father’s Day we seem to constantly find ourselves back to the drawing board to find the perfect gift for our beloved fathers.

    Luckily Kilkenny Design are the gift experts who are here to help with the Father’s Day conundrum. We showcase many of Ireland’s most well-loved brands plus some international favourites too. Our men’s collection is specifically chosen for gifting and we have broken down a special guide on how to select the right gift for your father this year. Find a description that best fits your father and see what gift ideas we have in store for him.

    • Fashionable Fathers

    For D

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  7. Top 10 Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Her 2022

    Valentines Gift Ideas

    Whether it’s a new romance or a long lasting love, Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating one of the most important relationships in your life. And while we all love a good box of chocolates, it’s nice to get something extra special on the day to let her know how much she means to you. If you are stressing over what gift to give on Valentine’s Day, don’t worry Kilkenny Design are gift experts offering all the best brands from Ireland and across the world. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 valentine’s gift ideas for her this year that will be guaranteed to bring a smile on this special occasion. 

    • Enibas Croí Álainn

    West Cork based designer Enibas has created the most perfect jewellery

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  8. Gifts For Her - Accessories She'll Love

    When it comes to selecting the perfect gift for her, keep these two tips in mind:

    1. Could you picture her wearing or using it?
    2. If in doubt, go for the the firm favourite.

    With this in mind, we have put a list together of the top trending gifts for her this year as well as the reliable favourites you can’t go wrong with. No matter who you are buying for - Wife, Girlfriend, Mum, Sister, Daughter, Friend or Colleague, our favourite picks will be sure not to disappoint.

    Winter Warmers

    Cosy woolly things never ever go amiss in the winter time! We’re loving the selection of bobble hats and crochet hats from Erin Knitwear.

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  9. Best Engagement Gift Ideas for 2022

    Engagement gift ideas

    Waving goodbye to one year and welcoming in a new one is always an occasion to celebrate and very often it is celebrated with declarations of love in the form of engagements. Most of us will know at least one person who got engaged over the festive season and the news has been the source of delight for everyone close to them. If someone dear to you has gotten engaged chances are that you are trying to pick a gift for them that honours this special moment in the happy couple’s life. To help you pick the perfect gift we’ve put together an expert gift guide on the best engagement gift ideas for 2022 from Kilkenny Design.

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  10. Top 10 Sustainable Christmas Gifts

    Sustainable Gift Ideas

    Sustainable Christmas gifts are all in this year as shoppers become ever more conscientious about their purchases. Choosing sustainable gifts for Christmas means more than just being environmentally conscious because sustainable products are usually thoughtfully created with high quality and carefully sourced materials. These are gifts that will last and be treasured by their recipients.

    Kilkenny Design have a wonderful selection of brands with sustainable ethoses and lovely stories behind their products. To help you choose meaningful sustainable gifts this year, we have compiled a list of our top 10 sustainable Christmas gifts and shared the background to their efforts in sustainability.

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