Loinnir Jewellery Ór Double Band 11mm Gold Earring

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Inspired by the The National Museum of Ireland 's Ór collection, Loinnir Jewellery have created a timeless collection, influenced by the finest works of ancient Celtic art during the Bronze Age.

Description: Add a piece of Irish heritage to your earring collection with this statement Ór double band Helix clicker earring. The 9k gold clicker earring features a double band merging together to cuff around the ear and features a hammered textured detail, embracing to the goldsmithing techniques of ancient Ireland. This statement earring is suitable for Helix piercings as well the lobes as a hoop earring.

Material: 9k Solid Yellow Gold

Size: 11mm Diameter

Suitable for:
Lobe piercing.
Rook piercing.
Helix piercing.

This Irish Jewellery designer based in Castleknock, Dublin has managed to celebrate Ireland's rich heritage while designing for the present.


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Type Earrings
Material Gold
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