Caroline and Nicola Kilkenny, Founders of N&C Kilkenny

How did your mum support you when you decided to set up your own business?
Mum was always one of the driving forces behind everyone in the family. Mainly because she’d always tell you to follow your dream and she wouldn’t have pushed you in any direction but if you decided on something she was 100% behind you.

How would you describe your relationship with Kilkenny?
We have a great connection with Kilkenny. They are fantastic. They promote Irish and have been behind us since since we started our first collection in 2001. Kilkenny were the first stockist to come on board and buy from us. From the start there has been a great energy between us and the Kilkenny group and we’re still going strong.

How would you describe your relationship with Kilkenny?
Kilkenny and our business are a really good fit. Kilkenny are a family owned business, just like us. We take feedback from their customers and we continue to grow together

What makes your mum so special?
Mums glass is always half full. She’s a powerfully positive person and I think I got a lot of that too because you do need it in fashion.