Johanna Harpur, owner of Jo Harpur Jewellery

Johanna Harpur owns and runs Jo Harpur Jewellery. We spoke to Jo about the influence her mum had in founding her business and how she finds working closely with Kilkenny on developing her brand.

How has your mum inspired you?
My mum is the reason that I started my business all those years ago. From a very young age she taught me that hard work is what it’s all about. She instilled into me that you get nothing is for nothing and that life is what you make of it. No matter what she did in life she had a motto: A good start is half the finish and I probably pushed that to my daughters that they should give everything 100% in life not just with work but also with their hobbies.

Would you ask your mum for advice when you are designing new collections?
My mum is in her 80s now but is still incredibly stylish. She would have loved nothing more than to go out in her day wearing her beautiful pearls and all her accessories. To this day I always ask her for tips and feedback when I’m designing new pieces.

How would you describe your relationship with Kilkenny?
A year ago, when I started working closely with Kilkenny, I never realised how much input they would have with my brand. I’m absolutely overwhelmed with how much hard work they put into developing my brand along with me. Along the way they have nurtured my collections and embraced changes that I have made in my company.