Scribble & Stone

  • Scribble & Stone is a contemporary fine and fashion jewellery label by Irish designer Jenny Kiernan. Jenny has qualifications in fashion, textile and graphic design and incorporates her love for mixing materials and textures within this range. The name signifies the fact that every design begins with a drawing, a "scribble" and the "stone" refers to gemstones. Inspired by architecture, colour, textures, materials and geometry Scribble & Stone produce the pieces in Dublin. In general there are two ongoing collections.
    The first is 'S&S Minimals' which is a beautiful, delicate collection in durable precious metals. These pieces are classic designs which will have longevity and are designed for everyday wear.
    Then there is the more fashion 'S&S Statement' collection which includes interesting materials such as laser-cut perspex, fringing, diamante and leather. These are more experimental and fashion-forward in nature. 
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