Mairead De Blaca

  • It is amazing where life takes you, when I was younger I wanted to be a ballerina. From age 6 to 12, I studied under the amazing and patient Joan Denise Moriarty, my breakout role was that of a cat cleaning herself - I was around 8 years of age and it was in our annual school performance. My memory of this is vivid, I didn’t want to let her down, so I cleaned every part of my cat face, especially behind the ears, practicing daily. Joan Denise was an inspiration and as children we were memorized by her presence. She was also very tall. I loved ballet and even though my mother encouraged me endlessly, I was too clumsy and awkward to be any good! My life on the stage was before the world of social media and for some reason my mother didn't take any photos.
    I never thought that I would end up as a jewellery designer but my jewellery like my art is a part of me, I see each piece of jewellery as a little pieces of sculptures. Jewellery is very personal just like art, you either love it or not. I love how art and jewellery can evoke such emotion, memories and can pass through the generations.
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