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Rebeka Kahn 'Beautiful Ireland Castle' 53cm x 53cm


Description: This piece depicts our stunning Irish landscape with its lush green rolling hills as well as some of our whimsical ancient castles which are dotted in abundance across our beautiful isle! We have married our castles with romantic hot air balloons which add colour and even a little more mystery to the piece! Every piece of Rebeka Kahn art is 100% handcrafted and due to the unique firing process, no two pieces will ever be entirely identical. The beauty of this Raku firing process is what contributes to the unique crackle markings on each individual piece. Equally, as with poppies growing in the wild, each bloom will have its own unique curves.

Size: 53cm x 53cm
Additional Information: Handcrafted in Ireland

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SKU RK/Cast53
Beautiful Ireland Castle 53x53
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Type Framed Artwork
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