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  1. Description: Bring this iconic print in Scribble to your bedroom. A must for the Orla Kiely fan.The multi colours are destined to create a warm atmosphere, and bring that modern mid-century aesthetic to any bedroom. Pair these pillowcases with the matching duvet cover available separately to complete the look.

    Material: 100% cotton
    Dimensions: 75cm x 50cm


  2. -40%
    Foxford Aqua & Pale Pink Pillowcase Pair

    Description: Add a feeling of luxury to your bedroom that is simply irresistible with this Aqua and Pink Geometric Collection. This versatile design will look stunning in any bedroom. Made from 100% pure cotton in 300 thread count, you are guaranteed a relaxing, deep night sleep allowing you to wake up stress free. This Geometric Collection is a favorite for those seeking understated, five star indulgence.

    Material: 100% cotton
    Size: 50x75cm
    Please Note: Duvet Covers are sold separately. 


  3. Mary O'Donnell pillowcase is 100% 19Momme Asian silk.


    - Silk is the strongest natural fibre which contains natural protein, 18 essential amino acids and natural cellular albumen, which helps speed up the metabolism of skin cells while you sleep.
    - As a breathable fabric and a natural temperature regulator, silk helps the body retain heat in cold weather and expel excess heat in warm weather. Therefore your body maintains a natural, comfortable temperature.
    - Silk is hypoallergenic; it does not attract dust mites and is a natural fungal repellent
    - Silk does not conduct static electricity. It helps reduce hair breakage whilst promoting a proper moisture balance in the hair


    1. Our SILK is OEKO-TEX Certified (Standard 100) free of harmful substances.

    2. Reduces friction against hair while sleeping at night. Silk is very smooth and the weaves are much tighter then you will find with other textiles. This means your hair will have: Less split ends, Less broken hair strands, Less pulling and stress on roots of the hair.

    3. Silk absorb less of your hairs natural oils or your hair care products like conditioner. Your body produces natural oils that help your hair to stay healthy. Every day however your hair comes in contact with different conditions which damage this natural defense. With most people spending 7-8 hours a night sleeping on a pillowcase, it is vital to protect your hairs natural oils by not sleeping on fabrics that suck these oils out of your hair like a sponge

    . 4 It’s naturally hypoallergenic. Some of silk’s hypoallergenic properties include a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and mold, in addition to many other allergens.Silk can be beneficial for your skin and hair. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help your skin stay healthy and smooth and can help reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles.

    5. It’s a truly luxurious experience. Whatever your escape, laying your head to rest at night on a silk pillowcase is the perfect way to end your day. There is no better feeling then the soft, smooth and luxurious feel of silk against your skin when you go to bed at night. It is truly like having a massage every night.


  4. NEW
    Jo Browne Luxury Bamboo Pillowcase

    Description: Silky soft and luxurious, Jo Browne  bamboo range delivers a new sleep experience like never before. We really should apologise. We’ve made getting out of bed even tougher.

    Why Bamboo

    • Super Soft – Bamboo fabric is among the smoothest fabrics, luxuriously soft with a feel like silky cashmere.
    • Absorbent & Moisture Wicking  The absorption, wicking and ventilation properties of bamboo are superior to that of cotton, helping you stay drier.
    • Breathable & Thermal Regulating – Extremely breathable  more so than cotton, hemp or many oil-based synthetic products. Keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
    • Skin Friendly  Bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic  perfect for those who suffer from sensitive skin or eczema.
    • Anti-bacterial  Keeps odours at bay and your sheets fresher for longer.

    Size: 50cm by 75cm set of Two


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