Celebrating 20 years of Alan Ardiff with an Exclusive Piece

Celebrating 20 Years in business this year, Alan Ardiff creates wearable kinetic jewellery in sterling silver and gold in his Dublin studio.

It all started at art college when Alan was told to see his art work as a vehicle for his expression and from that day forward he started putting wheels on his work. The Artane native initially studied industrial design at the National College of Art and Design, but quickly made the switch to the metal department. He soon discovered his signature style, and a love for creating small intricate pieces with an element of humour. They were miniature sculptures that also worked as wearable art and although these little art pieces had wheels they had no integral function. From this however he developed his own distinctive wearable jewellery range; created from silver and embellished with gold and humour but still, like works of art, displayed in frames with their own title.

In 1988 the Kilkenny group buyers saw the potential for his unique jewellery gave him a prominent position in their retail store on Nassau Street. Alan immediately attracted the attention of both Irish and international customers and over the last 20 years, he has developed a committed following all around the world.

However what Alan enjoys most is creating new designs and as he broadened the spectrum of his 3-dimensional designs - he realised not only was he working with chains and wheels but he could also use a vital unharnessed power – the neck!! A chain around the wearers’ neck could activate an internal mechanism to move an external symbol. Magically combining these elements, he created his first ever intuitively kinetic piece of jewellery – The Daisy Chain.

This year to celebrate 20 years with The Kilkenny Shop Alan has re-created the Daisy Chain and it will be launched as part of Craft month at the Kilkenny shops throughout Ireland. Alan will be looking forward to discussing his new designs with customers in the Kilkenny Shops. His in-store appearances will be on 14th September in Nassau Street from 12-2pm and on 15th September from 11am-1pm in Swords and from 2-4pm in Nassau Street.