Alex and Ani New Day Set of 3 Blue Beaded Silver Bangles

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Description: The sun rises on a new day every morning, bringing a fresh start and another opportunity to grow. Remind yourself to seize the day with Alex and Ani New Day set of 3 bangles. Like the flowers that bloom from that sunshine, you, too, can emerge from life’s challenges and become who you’re meant to be. Paired with Sodalite gemstone, which represents clarity and allows you to speak your truth, this symbol combines the sun’s energy and strength with the renewal of an opening flower. This set includes 3 bangles – a New Day symbol charm bangle with the mantra ‘Embrace the new day’ inscription on the back and two colourful beaded bangles that complement each other and add vibrancy to the set. Nickel-free.

Meaning: Growth • New Beginnings
Material: Copper plated with Rafaelian Silver
Adjustable From:2'' to 3.5"

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